Your Google Data

Google’s products are used by billions of people.

In September 2009, Google announced the foundation of a new engineering team called the Data Liberation Front. In 2011, they released Google Takeout, a single page from which you can export some of the data Google has collected about you.


Google Takeout

You can use Google Takeout to download an archive of your Google data.

When you visit the page, you’ll see a list of Google products, with controls to include or exclude them from your archive. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Google Takeout

On the next page, you can choose the download format of your archive, and start the export process.

Google Takeout Email

Some time later, you’ll receive an email from Google with a download link. It will also link to the archive manager, where you can redownload any data archives from the last week.

Google Takeout Downloads

What You Get

Google Takeout Downloads

My archive was split into 3 files:

The Main Archive

Google Takeout Main Archive