Your Facebook Data

Facebook is one of the largest players right now in the personal data collection business. If you’re a Facebook user, and especially if you’ve been using the service for a long time, they likely have tons of information about you.

In October 2010, Facebook started allowing users to download an archive of some of the data Facebook has on them.

Request and download

Facebook Settings

On your Facebook settings page, you’ll find a link to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’.

On the following page, you’ll be prompted to re-enter your password. Facebook will send you an email shortly to confirm your request.

Facebook Email

Some time later, usually about 15 minutes, you’ll receive another email from an address, with a temporary secret link at which you can download your data.

What you get

Facebook Downloaded Zip

The zipped download will contain a collection of html files with all of your textual Facebook data, plus folders with your photos and videos. For me, messages.htm was the largest file by far.

Go through the downloaded data and make sure you’re comfortable selling the information within publicly.

Some users choose to sell only some of these .htm files. Some choose to sell the whole .zip. Some do both at different prices. How you choose to monetize your Facebook data is up to you, and a decision which should not be taken lightly.