Documentation Intro is a company that explores the ramifications of the commodification of personal data, by operating a free for-sale-by-owner data market. The premise: “Who’s better equipped to sell your data than you are?”

By revealing the market value of consumer data, creates and investigates a world where consumerism can be self supporting. Can you make a living by publishing how you spend that living?

More importantly, seeks to attack the current form of the relationship between Big Data Collection and the public.

By engaging the public through a commerical, rather than an art context, the company seeks to surface the conversation about personal commoditization.

It forces people to consider questions personally that an art-framed piece couldn’t (‘what am I getting paid for?’ ‘What will happen if I sell this?’ ‘How much will I sell my data for?’ ‘What is my privacy worth?’) by making the public examine the potential repercussions of a conscious contract rather than a passive one. advertisement