Buy Data

You might think of data brokerage as something only shady advertisers do, but tons of other people have uses for data as well. Use data from in artmaking, resaerch, science, or whatever you like!

Don’t go through third-party data collectors, on you can buy straight from the source.

Available Datasets

Facebook 5/1/2015This is a .zip export of all of my Facebo …Andrew Monks$1500.00log in to buy data
Facebook Messages 5/1/2015This is a zipped html file with all Faceb …Andrew Monks$900.00log in to buy data
Cell Phone 5/1/2015This is a zipped folder containing 22,350 …Andrew Monks$3200.00log in to buy data
Pieces at WunderThis is a JSON representation of the artw …Andrew Monks$0.50log in to buy data
Google Drive 5/1/ archive of all the files in my Googl …Andrew Monks$250.00log in to buy data
Contacts 5/1/2015This is a vcard-formatted dump of all of …Andrew Monks$2500.00log in to buy data
Calendar through 5/1/2015This is an icalendar formatted export of …Andrew Monks$150.00log in to buy data
BankingThis is a JSON formatted list of every de …Andrew Monks$500.00log in to buy data
Snapchats: January 2013This is a screenshot of every Snapchat I …Andrew Monks$5.00log in to buy data